nursing wearing baby loving








this guy reminds me of d.  lucky baby.  when free was an infant, he made it clear to everyone possible that he was a guy's guy.  it surprised me every single night as he would call out for his daddy, d would put him on, & they would head out to look for la luna.  a couple of times i went along & got to see the whole process, free look around, studying whatever was in sight, then d would point out la luna, they'd admire her together & free would look up into his daddy's eyes, smile, coo & snuggle his head into d's chest.  mind you, i would be right there, & that sweet baby had no interest in seeing whether or not i had noticed that moon. within seconds he would be sound asleep.  it's been like that for years.

















nursing wearing baby loving from urban organica on Vimeo.






the other night i was nursing real to sleep & free sat on the floor fiddling with the camera.  generally he takes pictures of his thumbs.  he knows how to use the camera, but he "likes pictures of thumbs."  being four, now, he figured out something new.   i don't have much to remember these moments, save for the fact that i was there.   lucky mommy.  (i'm not the only one who considers any whinehouse for lullabies,right?)