Honey-Cinnamon Butter



I love how kids make their own seasonal memories, while the parents are running around, you know, supporting them...In my heart I want to make every season a magical wonderland, & on blogland I suppose I could make it look that way, but it's more responsible for me to stay out of their way.  


I would spend way too much energy trying to recreate my vision of the Fall for them, anyways.  I like this spread they made, because it just packs in every Autumnal sensation in a matter of 10 messy minutes.


Ransack mom's pantry.  Pour entire jar of cinnamon into the room-temperature butter.  Squeeze the Cr**#$ out of the organic honey bear, emptying it, also into the butter.  Watch as the cinnamon dust flies 6 feet into the air, 6 feet around.  Stir.  Spread on zucchini bread.  Eat it outside.