Japanese-Hawaiian Style Omelette



When I was a little girl I went to Nihonmachi Little Friends, a preschool in Japantown, San Francisco.  On Saturday & Sunday mornings my family would go to May's Coffee Shop & get Ma's Special, a sausage omelette with green onions over rice.  Any combination of Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents & Cousins would meet us there, & we'd usually finish our meals with a Tayaki ~ koi fish-shaped pancakes stuffed with sweet red bean paste.  If I was lucky I could head to the Hello Kitty store & pick up a pencil or some Japanese candy.


When my mom was newly single with the three of us, May let her work there under the table.  It became a second home to me.  When D asked my father if he could marry me, we met at May's.  I remember leaving the table so they could talk, & when I returned my Dad was pretending nothing happened.  He wanted D to act like he just couldn't ask me. But he did, & Dad said yes.


My family has spread far & wide, across the country & the world.  There's just a sprinkling of us in the Bay, now, & we still meet at May's.  She's always there, gossiping with the local seniors.  The Hello Kitty store closed this past fall, after 30 years of business.  My beloved grandparents now visit when I'm asleep.  Things change, but the comfort of my family is only one meal away for me.


Japanese-Hawaiian Style Omelette


2 T olive oil
8 Organic Free-Range Eggs, Beaten
3 Scallions, green & white parts chopped
4 Sausage links or patties in bite-sized pieces
~ we make our own Vegetable-Nut Links, & sometimes use Morningstar Veggie Breakfast Patties. 
Sushi Rice
Soy Sauce


I use a rice cooker that keeps our rice warm for eight hours.  This way it's always on hand.  To measure like a Local, just pour in what looks like 2 Cups.  Put your thumb into the pot, with the tip just touching the rice.  Pour in enough water to reach your knuckle.  Press Cook!


Brown the sausage in olive oil.  Pour eggs over the top.  Sprinkle with green onions.  As bottom starts to set, lift the edge with a spatula.  Tilt the pan so the rest of the eggs run under to cook.  When the bottom starts to brown, use the spatula to divide the omelette into 4 wedges.  Flip each piece for a second, then lift onto a bowl of hot rice.  


Drizzle with soy sauce.