wake up, mommeee



"Mommy, Mommy!  #2 has your camera!  Mommy mommy wake up!  The 3 year-old has your camera!"


I though it was a good idea, letting them move furniture at 3am on New Year's Day.  


I mean, I was moving furniture, getting ready for the new.  And they Knew.  And they weren't sleeping.  So why not let them join me?


It was a great night.  We laughed & we used screwdrivers & brought heavy objects up & down the stairs.  But let me tell you why not.


Because they would proceed to wake up, every night for the next month & follow me around the house.  Sometimes one child.  Sometimes 2.  And last night, all 3.


The first week I told them to go back to bed & they thought it was funny to ambush me, all smiles, from closets & behind desks.  (Aaaaa!  freakin' a...)  I have to admit it was hilarious, seeing these little skinny minnies, freezing cold in their long johns, hiding for who-knows-how-long before I got to the perfect spot.  And they would go back to bed. 


The second week they kept waking up, wired, but not sure why.  There was something exciting about 2am, but they couldn't quite remember what...


This past week they don't even want to be awake, they just are.  They are agitated, rolling around.  Needing water.  Needing to pee.  Needing to nurse.  Needing to get in my bed.  Inviting me to theirs.  Mekhi has taken to standing over my head & pulling whatever he can get his hands on.  My nose, my ears, my jaw.  "Uuuuugh!"  He says.  "Uuughttt!  Ught!"  I'm pretty darn sure he means "Up!"


I think I've gotten 2 hours a night for the last 7 days.   


We are getting lots done, although it's all in my pajamas + a baby carrier for two drowsy toddlers. Thank goodness for 7 year-olds who can sit by themselves with a pen & paper.   Swollen-faced & happy, I am a sleepyhead.



Wait for it...


Fitting in my breakfast...





Nursing + Healing Lake's twisted knee by singing "The Brady Bunch," on his toes.  "This isn't helping!  Where's Daddy?"   




My answer to all things: the 2 meal day.  A big brunch & a pot of lentil soup.    All I need to get through the day is a stack of bowls & a jar of spoons.  Good night.



*Japanese Sausage Omelette + Heirloom Lentils Recipe tomorrow.


*On the homeschooling table: 
~Dried herbs for making Tea Valentines (tutorial coming)
~Embroidery for a quilt Mahal's making with Grandma, Great-Grandma (95 years young!) & myself
~Blue Yonder's Eggceptional Eggspearment from their Book of Days: soaking brown eggs in vinegar.  They suggested white vinegar, but we also had a bit of apple cider vinegar that needed to go.  They are so fascinated with these jars, checking their progress every couple of hours.  Lake keeps "checking the stinky," on his jar, while Mahal is convinced something is going to happen to the air in his.  The shells are starting to disappear & they are just dying to get their hands on those wobbly things.