quilted wool home


Whee!headboardwhee! headboard
wool felt/recycled leather * soy foam insert * hand appliqued * embroidery * contrast piping * sashiko quilting


I was looking through an old Urban Organica business plan & found some sketches of early pieces. 



long & low seating
organic cotton twill * origami applique * non-toxic stain * sashiko quilting * carved fsc wood


When we started UO it was, "a funky design house, hyped on social & environmental responsibility."  It might still be that, but it's more of a creative think tank now.  It's not as important to distinguish a business as eco-friendly, green or sustainable, since, fortunately, it's expected.  This lets me really just be creative & play.  People bring me their most "out-there" thoughts, plans & jumbled up bits.  I help them clarify their ideas, connect them to others & if their project is particularly yummy, get my own hands dirty.  This includes everything from clothing, interiors, workshops, retreats & small business.  I've been fortunate to work with CEO's, Nobel Nominees, & Supermodels.  You know who inspires me the most?  Crafty families.  And my husband.  There's something about love + accountability that makes the most practical  beauty.


One crazy bit is that I've always offered my services for free.  It's a spiritual thing for me ~ I offer what I have to the world, & then Spirit pays me back, randomly, times much more.  It's always worked, oddly enough.  I live a great life that way.


climbing cake tower
3 donut-shaped cushions * 4' tall fsc wood base * beeswax finish * plant dyed wool felt * eco-fill cushions * 4 soft felted "frosting" throws * removable fabric origami flowers * needle-felted candles

example of the technique
hand appliqued felt * origami-style flowers w/ needle-felted centers * sashiko quilting (the pink-on-black) * needle-sculpting for texture on branches & grass

triple donut ottoman
3 eco-fill cushions * fsc wood base * beeswax finish * plant-dyed wool felt * origami-felt applique 

felt & lucite storage
clear lucite boxes * plant dyed wool felt slipcovers * hand appliqued

felt & lucite storage series in a 3x2 shelving system

double donut side table with carved bowl base
eco-fill cushions * sashiko quilting * origami applique * beeswax finish

Many of these designs were actually inspired by Mahal as a baby, & how much he loved his little stacking toys.  I thought it would be extremely practical to have giant versions he could climb on & take apart, while also providing adult seating or storage.  At our house, they still really use the pillows & couch cushions more than their Legos or blocks.  It's one giant, puffy happy gym!