mexican hot chocolate





There is maybe nothing more comforting than when the sun is out & there's still a bit of bite in the air.   We get a hint of Spring early around here.  Shoots are coming up, trees are covered in fuzzy buds.  I looked into my pears yesterday & found my first Spring flock ~ about 20 baby birds who just got their wings.  I gave myself a slightly kinked neck watching them, chirping & singing from brach to branch.  I don't know why that sight is always so moving to me, but it is.  A new beginning.  


And in my hands: freshly whipped hot cocoa, ground by the boys with an unnecessary amount of vanilla & cinnamon.  


And under foot: nobody.  Today is my "workday," D has the boys, & I am free to soak in a bit of sunshine & fresh air before working on the book.  It's a guilty feeling for me at first, until I breathe deep & get that clear, clear message: Mamas need breathers.  They need to create, they need to fill their tanks & they need to be happy in ways that come from time & space alone. 


The best part about being outside is the reminder of Earth herself.  Whatever is ever, ever going on for me, "Mother" has been through this before.  I'm just one in line of every mama before me, every mum beside me, every woman who has ever created anything at all.  There isn't anything extraordinarily significant about my journey.  I get to add my own meaning.