at Lola's house

We've been spending time at my mom's house the last few days, making things, going on family /Little Bear walks, cooking & eating.  I love watching how inspired the kids get about the whole scene here.  And it is a scene: dome tent in the living room, 2 RV's in the driveway, non-stop book action, massage tools galore, world music lilting over the smells of garlic, ginger, onions, curries & sides. A giant dog playpen for a tiny, pretty dog nearly blocks the French doors out to her perfect postage-stamp garden. IMG_5221
 She's always been a wiz at the jewel-secret-garden-thing.  I have many memories of her doing things she's not "supposed to," like laying brick patios when it damages her bones & joints.  But she's a rebel, my mama, & she just loves to do what she's not supposed to.  She'd rather be alive than feel safe, inspired than inline. IMG_5194

She's always, always moving, & the boys just step right into her working rhythm.  They follow her around like puppies, making her crazy, "Lola! Lola! Lola! Lola...LOla!  LoLA LoLA LoLA."  Apparently I used to do the same, except, of course, it was a million versions of "mommy...Mommy! mommieee."   Just today alone, she made several huge multi-course multi-ethnic meals, like we had most nights of my life growing up, IMG_5207
set-up a touch-drawing studio, IMG_5206










took me to Trader Joe's, set us all on some family mini-hikes & 




helped the kids set up a mini Habitot water-river.  One of the wonderful perks of limiting our boy's exposure to media & upping their exposure to real work & real elements is that they don't follow the "age-guidelines" that marketing companies set up for children.  They can play with real telescopes & also watch the Baby Einstein videos for 6 month-olds & still get tons of value.  Habitot is a wonderful museum for toddlers in Berkeley that she took us to last week, & we all had fun.  Luckily there was no pressure or outside influences telling Love that it was all too young for him, because he's brought it all home, & there's still so much to learn about water & gravity & sharing & measuring & physics & light & color & temperature.  It's hot in the Bay right now, 




so I think at least one of us had the right idea




 about how to make a lovely day at Lola's all the more perfect...