Annabelle's Mama



 Annabelle's Mama




Here's Annabelle's Mama, from a children's book I'm drawing.  Well, it's hardly drawing, as you can see.  The publisher has been waiting for me to finish illustrating this book since 2002.  But I keep having babies!  I think I'm done, for now, though.  I'm just so excited to go into this next phase of learning with the boys, I'm ecstatic about reading (the 7 year-old) & chemistry (3) & going down the stairs (8 months).  And if you could see what it looks like for them to do chemistry & go down the stairs, you'd know I have to be present.  


Speaking of being present, Love caught me doing a Surrender Pose out front.  I found this pose on Gabi's super-cool website, Pessimists Beware!  I love the way it looks, the whole physical & visual declaration of surrender that it is.  I was also attracted to how she described it as being hard & uncomfortable at first.  This is that nature of a good practice, I think: that it takes something.  That we have to grow & expand our capacity to be with it & as we grow & expand, as we practice, we see new things.    

Let me also share that's it's been 3 months since I did the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women Course.  While I go in & out of being human (nitpicking, grumbling at the dishes, demanding  he help me Now), D says daily that he feels more in love, loved, supported & gotten than he ever has in 11 years with me.  That he hasn't seen me take care of myself this well since before our first child.  That he's moved & inspired as I become more creative, more lit up, & accomplish more of my projects & initiatives.  I really feel like I've learned a new language that men speak!  


I  probably posted this because Stephanie & Christianare on my mind.  So many prayers that their love story with their little ones continues on & on & on.