bye-bye, allergies

IMG_4171allergies are just the worst

On our honeymoon I walked into the rainforest on Maui's Road to Hana.  I walked out with 72 bites.  D had zero.  They all swelled to the size of dollar pancakes & scarred for months.  At the lake I once got 48 bites, D got zero.  On my 21st birthday hike, I saw a mosquito coming right at my eye.  I smacked it before it landed, but I had to smack it onto my eye.  Yeah.  My eye was sealed shut for the entire weekend.  I've just figured that this is my lot.


We've been getting the boys de-allergized since Love was an infant.  When he was a few weeks old he had the worst colic, & it broke my heart trying to nurse him when it so obviously hurt.  He would try to latch on, scream, then arch his back, panic & claw at me for more.  With help from La Leche League I was able to keep nursing.  We went to a kinestheologist & had him muscle-tested for allergies.  It turned out he was allergic to: dairy, caffeine, soy, rice, chocolate, spinach, & tomatoes.  Pretty much my diet.  Dr. Heckard, who's in  Napa, de-allergized him right there.  That night he slept soundly for the first time in weeks.  He just nuzzled in, hummed softly to himself & fell asleep.  


Since then we've all been de-allergized for different things.  It's amazing what you can be allergic to: your own skin, paper, soil, folic acid, vitamin c, even eachother.  One of our guys kept getting sensitive, chappy lips & couldn't give kisses.  It turned out he was once licked by a dog sorta traumatically & his body created an allergy to protect him!! No more chappy red lips, lotsa kisses.  We've now had 7 years of this from five different extraordinary, brilliant doctors who are available to anyone.  The only reason we've switched up is that none of them are local.

One of the things we've learned from the last seven years is how often an allergy can be blamed when something's "off."  Like sadness, a tummy ache, irritability, rashes, frequent colds or frenetic behavior.  All of these come from a compromised immune system trying to deal.  So we go check in & it's invariably something.  

So two weeks ago I had finally had it with my bug problem.  I guess it's a skin issue in general, because when I'm stressed lately I also get huge welts.  Is this too much information?  It's not too bad, it's just alarming.  So I went in to my mom's chiropractor, Dr. Martinet in the Oakland hills.  It turns out he's very skilled in this area & was able to pinpoint a couple of things right off- I'm allergic to mosquitos.  & spiders.  And mosquitos don't like B vitamins.  I'm deficient in B Vitamins.  (Which makes sense as I'm mostly vegetarian & don't also take my supps) And I have an overabundance of histamines, which cause the inflamation, from a previous allergic reaction. So I need folic acid.  I'm deficient in folic acid. "But I eat tons & tons of greens."  Okay, let's test that..."You're allergic to folic acid, so you haven't been assimilating it."  Oh.  The amazing thing about all this is, I didn't know it - well maybe the mosquito part- but when he says it, I realize it's true.  It just rings rue, you know what I mean?  

So right there, as he's muscle-testing me, he's diagnosing me, using these little vials of minute bits of mosquito, folic acid, B's & what-not.  Then he types it all into his computer, has me hold on to some equipment, & treats me right there.  All better.  I'm no longer allergic to mosquitos, spiders or folic acid.  I This takes all of 45 minutes.  

So how's it been?  Since then, I've no new bites.  I went in with 17 I had accumulated from the week before.  And the ones I had immediately stopped swelling & haven't scarred.  I'm scar-free & bite-free.  As for the welts, they've gone from large hand-sized itchy areas to little itchy bumps here & there.  So I'll see him tomorrow to knock it out.  I'll let you know how it goes...