this is it :: butter, apples & mermaids

Pardon me for going on about butter, but...




I am madly in love with this crock.  This is the kind of thing that turns your kitchen into a studio.  This is...this is It.  Beautiful. So organic butter cost $5.95.  Really, it does.  Which actually saves us a ton of money because we don't pay medical bills for things like asthma or respitory allergies, never mind the long term terminal illnesses that come from pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, estrogen & what-not.  But- that's crazy, I know.  And this crock cost $9.99.  But organic heavy cream cost $3.55, & makes precisely the amount that fits in this crock!  We don't even have to shape it since this is how it comes out of the Kerr jar.  So now my boys are the official butter farmers at our house, & we're so delighted to save a bit & serve up a schmancy butter at our next dinner party.




And in a pretend-French moment, we are eating this butter with local organic heirloom Fuji's.  Which the boys wouldn't touch until..."Fuji Discs, anyone?"  Yes.  They would love some, thank you.  Also it.




And for my studio, which also houses 7 years of toys, linen curtains.  They'll cover the toys on one end, but before they go up I'll be dressing them with a bit of Heather Ross' Mendocino Collection.  Fall-colored mermaidens! It's just so extremely lovely & beachy yet somehow urban  At least I'm consistent...




The colorway is something I just can't get enough of.  These came from Sew,Mama,Sew.  For a little Christmas project I had to get the blue colorway as well.  It's not Christmasy at all, but perfect for what we're making.  Yes.  Butter.  Apples.  Fabric.  Mmmmmmm.