living green with style

Check out my girl & fellow ecostylist Angela Lindvall's new show, Alter Eco.  Most people know her as a supermodel, but she's also an old soul, generous friend, loving Waldorf-style mother of a very creative Dakota & so-sweet Sebastian, an environmental marketing visionary & the founder of Collage Foundation.  I haven't seen it yet, but she's always so surprisingly grounded & on top of her environmental mission, that I'm sure it will be be inspiring.   And most models don't have great style, you know.  But Angela's a real-deal-horseback-riding-barefoot-hippie-girl who's very smart & knows her stuff.  I'm gonna watch it to get some pointers!

Love & Dakota in Topanga Canyon




Tonka & Sebastian

Also, it's worth heading to California for the Hoes Down Harvest Festival.  An annual tradition in our family, there's nothing like this 2-day gathering of Northern California's organic farms.  It's an amazing event where everyone involved plays together- the Family Stage often features Mariachi Bands with beloved farmers, there's night tours, a giant tipi with nonstop story telling, a 400+ hay bale fort that's 2 stories high, wool spinning, free pumpkin carving to light the night paths, workshops, tubing in the river, it really just goes on...While we've always gone on just Saturday, we're excited this year to join about 500 families camping in their orchard.  Imagine!!  Then we'll join them for an organic farm-fresh breakfast before I take a workshop called The Chicken & the Egg to learn about raising chickens & my family takes the 10-mile bike tour of nearby farms.  October 4 on Capay Valley.