midnight baking & butter making




Tifanie said she is now complete.  Now so am I.  Picnik is it.  It goes along with my sweet husband as my home, my base, my ground.  The place where all my dreams being & end.  I'm kidding, of course.  Only D gets that declaration.  But, oh, it's up there tonight.




I'd love for all my pictures to be as colorful as Jane's or as sun-filled as Amanda's.  Or even as creatively dark as Emily's.  But alas, I am...random.  




So random, in fact, that I once sat at a restaurant with Tangee & Dalmacio & they began randomly handing me objects across the table.  It turned out that they were giving me an object for every time I randomly said the word "random" to describe something that occurred to me as random but actually probably wasn't.  This is after 11  years of hard-core transformational training that includes being aware of what I say (to the point that I honor my word as myself).  And I was holding the concept of randomness as my own inner picture of Buddha or Jesus.  I had no idea.  But I digress. 




My point is that I'm an eclectic photographer who is a light-owl, which is to say that I love & photograph nearly everything I see & that I'm awake when there's light.  Many time that's at 3am & often it's during the day & less often it's early morning.  Sometimes I just love the kids  in the kitchen in the wee hours.




So when there's no consistency, Picnik is the dream answer to make every photo look intentional, like I meant it, not random at all.  And I'm just not going to take the time to learn Photoshop.  This is free, it's easy, it's like I can do anything.  VERY EXCITING!  And as much as I want everything I do to be a perfect creative act, I have to just not, sometimes.  Isn't making sticky buns & butter from scratch enough?




1 pint Organic Heavy Cream


Pour into a large canning jar where it will have lots of air to bounce around.  Set the timer for 20 minutes & have the kids roll the jar back & forth.  Make sure it keeps moving & every once in while step in & give it a few crazy up & down shakes.  When it turns yellow & thuds around, pour the butter milk back into the cream bottle, but leave the butter in the jar.  Add cold tap water & swirl it around, strain.  Do this a few times until it runs clear.  Any remaining butter milk will make it go bad.  Plop it onto your cutting board, give it a last squeeze to dry.  Form & put into fridge.  Or, slather it on your buns...