Sew: I Heart Linen

A little shot out to a crazy beautiful blog: iheartlinen is so extremely lovely.  The crafter is a bit madcap-cabin-fever-mama (which I define as "need to craft. must craft now.  but...children. everywhere.  how do i craft. now?") making her unerring eye & the massive amount of items pouring from her studio all the more totally insane.  If you like my stuff, you'll go straight kooky after seeing what she makes!


Oh, how I love Japanese linen.  These are for my littlest.  I really wanted to update the shape of the bibs to be more comfy & to be as cute & cool as the fabric.  The answer: little ear-tails! The shape makes them curve, as well.  So I guess you could say that these are ergonomic.


How genius is this little bus stop?  I think it's a Shinzi Katoh design.  This is one of those fabrics that I find myself fondling & fantasizing over.  D said there's a certain look I get on my face that "so surpasses excitement for any other thing on this planet" & when I get it he knows I'm having "some sort of fabric idea." it that bad?  But really, look at the apple-green polka dots against that slubby linen.  And the bright backings.  It all just makes me wanna swoon.

IMG_4523The boys kept asking for work pouches, tool belts, restaurant aprons, market change bags, et cetera.  So I was very eager to see if something might just pass as all of it.  Should I not get to my machine for a bit.  As it turned out they helped, so there's little extras to each one & some good ol' slap-dash sewing.  I've just gotta let my perfectionist go sometimes.  We have a broken clay mushroom in the garden for all our unhelpful gnomies- the whiny gnomie, the demanding gnomie, the grinder-perfectionist gnomie.  There's two things we sing around here:   "Outside voices go outside, inside voice inside." And,"grumpy gnomie, back to your mushroom!"  Both have matching hand gestures & the kids think it's just hilarious, but they do it, they throw out their outside voices & throw out their sads.  

Anyways, there's a great basic template for this kinda thing in Sew & Stow.  Now that book rocks.  It's really built to help us think like pattern makers, which is nice, since I do think like a pattern maker, although I hated that class.  I just looked at her design & made this up.  It's nice to just slip their own belts through.  Then it's a fast project from my stash instead of a trip to the notions store for straps & buckles & what-not.  I love how they came out & so do the boys.  They've been part of the fire station, the "super-fast grillers grill," the restaurant & the train repair so far.  I made them yesterday.IMG_4497Speaking of multi-purpose pouches, I'll now add harvesting as #541 on the list of reasons it's great to wear your baby.  This is the Moby, which made me crazy for months with it's 20 feet of fabric.   I absolutely LOVE my Tricotti wrap.  But as he gets bigger & more distracted by his brothers, the Moby gives him more coverage & me more back support for when he's trying to escape, can't calm down or is just plain making himself heavy.  And it has a few extra pockets as a result of all that baby-origami.  There's just something about seeing my baby snuggled so close with a fresh bunch of rainbow chard that makes me feel happy & light.  Maybe it's a sense of efficiency & industriousness.  Maybe it makes me know I look like supermom when I'm really just trying to avoid getting a basket.  But more likely it's that part of me sees something familiar, a mama-gatherer moment, just like every mother before us.  There's something about it that makes me feel like I'm successfully holding the hopes & burdens of the earth goddess herself, even if just for a moment.