Perfek Practis

A girlfriend with serious spiritual cred asked me what my "practice" is.  Actually she said, "Do you (um, even) have a practice?"  It sounded a bit like, "You don't seem like you have a spiritual practice.  But, do you?"  If she wasn't so sweet I would have thought it a jab, & my first thought was to make up something that I've tried once or twice.  Or things that I love but, honestly, don't do right now.  For a half-second I felt a bit apologetic.  A blink later I had to laugh out loud.  

"Being a mom is my practice.  It's a nonstop, 24-hour a day practice in being present.  Doing the next most obvious thing.  Giving up wants & sources of suffering.  Being the observer & working to stay engaged.  Being willing to guide knowing you're playing with the future of humanity.  Being willing to discipline your teachers."  Nevermind also being grown-up enough to do the laundry & try to stay in budget & brush other people's teeth.
Inside of my practice, there are a few perfect days.  Today was one.

Shadee sent me flowers for hosting the "Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women" course in my home.  At first I looked at them & thought, "Hmmm.  Hot pink carnations...not my style, especially."  Then I actually followed the directions & oh, they are so lovely.  There's this whole trick to cutting them the same length, then closely stacking them in the vase in a spiral so they form a soft mound right above the rim.  It's actually very modern & French to use one color like that with only two types of flowers.  Ina talks about it in her book, The Barefoot Contessa in Paris.  I felt like I took a little floral design today.  Not to mention the utter femininity of it.  Perfect after what I learned.

I also love these yogurt pots for tea, but don't always make time for a quiet drink.  Today wasn't quiet at all, but I made it anyway.  They look so much nicer with tea than empty on my shelf.  All  my drinking glasses are recycled by the way.  The small Strauss milk glasses, large Kerr jars & the precious hive-shaped "Island of the Moon Apiaries" honeyjars all look so homey & lovey when shelved by kind.   My new favorite cheese is Havarti.  Here it's toasted with organic Fuji apples on Lavosh with a bit of dijon mustard.  Heaven.

The envelope says it all: Hooray! Mail for you, from The Black Apple!  Postcards of "The Muffin peddler",  little cameo girl buttons, paperdolls, & a blank journal.  It's all so lovely.  If I talk about it too much I'll go into another hapiness frenzy.  And as we know, a frenzied day is not a perfect day.  So I'll just let you imagine how sweet it all is.

And a bit of productivity.  I just finished designing new versions of my favorite Japonesque purse.  This is my favorite style because it's big enough for diapers, my calendars, cell phone, an tank top, a bag of pens.  It's also somehow small & it's easy with a small magnet closure.  It opens wide like a doctor's bag.  And the colors & fabrics are straight crazy looking, in my opinion.  When I first made it I thought, it probably doesn't get better than that as far as being perfectly what I had hoped.  As a girl I remember asking my mom, "What colors are Totally Awesome?"  "Totally Awesome?" "Yeah, like totally, totally awesome."  "Pink & Green."  Well there you have it.  I've pretty much used the same purse for 5 years.  Notice the pilling on the green.  And now there's a few more in my future.  Today the future is bright, bright, bright.  That's what I'm present to.  Perfek Practis.