The One That Got Away


IMG_4220Oddly, a mink stole my birthday fish.  I'm sorry, but it's just so strange I had to start with the punchline.  I'm obsessed with waterlife, I should tell you.  We used to live in Marina del Rey, & I spent at least 2 hours every single day staring into the waters, silently adoring & greeting the moon jellies, the fish, the occasional small shark, Carson the sea lion & once, my most favorite, a softball-sized octopus.  And hands-down the most beautiful thing I have ever, ever seen.
But back to my birthday.  We only catch minnows at our dock.  It's an availability thing.  And I only paint my toes once a year.  Not for my birthday, but there was a bit of red left on my toes, which were tickling, &, "Oh my gosh, net, Net, a perch, A Perch is eating my toes!" And then, Love handed me a net & "Happy Birthday to me!!!"
You can't tell from the picture, but he's huge!  Compared to a minnow, he's giant.  A REAL fish.  Wow.  And this is a small plastic wheelbarrow.  That is now empty.  Because an honest-to-goodness mink ran out of the woods, reached in and stole it.