On the Dock / In the Woods



The gnomies went all out last night, I guess.  Most of New England is in a constant thunderstorm/squall/break/black-out/drizzle/lightning cycle, & dreading the end of their would-be summer.  But for us Californians, it's an amazing, etheric-woozy moment that's lasting & lasting.  The woods are pure candyshop for my inner gatherer, & it's my favorite thing to see what my fellow earth angels have been up to.
There's acorn trails, bark shanties, moss gardens, lake plumbing, birch tunnels & even telephone poles.  Loveliness.

And between the rains, there's breakfast on the dock, our way: Pilipino Fried Eggs on Spanish Veggies, Baked Tilapia, Rice, Sweet Mint Tea, Organic Sparkling Lemonade, Gluten-Free Banana Muffins & a bit of Vegetarian OyakoDon.  Yeah.

GF Banana Muffins: We used the mix by Namaste & added 2 mushed bananas.  They turned out sweet! You never know with those GF mixes.  But here's a couple of full-proof tricks for muffins when following a regular recipe: Use organic brown rice flour instead & add 1/2 t. xanthum gum per C flour OR add an extra egg & replace all flour with ground hazelnuts.  That is totally decadent & will cost some scrilla, obviously.
Veggie Don:  Moon an onion & thick-slice 2 cups mushrooms.  Heat 3 T. organic raw sugar, 1 C Mirin, & 1 C Soy Sauce, few splashes of fish sauce or 1 packet non-msg Dashi or neither.  Heat to simmer, add veggies 'till onion moons are translucent.  Sauce should be reduced to 1 C.  Pour over 4 beaten organic. free-range eggs ideally from chickens you know (less tummy/heartache).  When set, serve over white sushi rice.
Spanish Veggies: Moon an onion, chop crazy amounts of garlic, & 2 tomatoes.  Add lotsa sea salt & a bit of olive oil,  Saute low 'till saucy.  Should taste like tomatoey, garlicky butter,  Uh-huh.
Pilipino Fried Eggs: Have 1/2 inch of olive oil shimmering, break over the eggs.  The edges will crisp & brown.  Spoon oil over the yolks just to finish setting the whites, but the yellows are perfect.
Baked Tilapia:  This is such a fabulous fish.  It's clean, it's meaty.  It's cheap!  Ode Magazine ("for Intelligent Optimists") said it may be the answer to our overfished oceans should we just run out all
together.  Rub with olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper.  400' for 30 minutes.

There you go! Serve that tea with honey & soy milk, hit that Lemonade with some Pellegrino, have butter & Bragg's on the table. Yeah again.