Gluten Free French Bread Pudding

We tend to abstain from gluten fairly regularly around here.  We don't need to, although it does turn my prince charming into a major grump & he's incredibly disciplined at staying great.  Every once in awhile I do throw a giant fit about it, I have to admit, like when I'm making gluten-free gnocci & instead of slicing lovely long rolls into fluffy marshmallow-like pillows to be steamed I'm trying to drop gobs of ultra sticky paste into splashing, boiling water.   It's not an easy lifestyle, but it's not a suffering one.  I'm so laid-back, though, that I'm prone to rant & rave for a half-hour several times a month from the built-up pressure of my own home-economics ambitions.  He rides through all of it with me, however.  And it probably has something to do with the fact that I make gluten-free gnocci & what-not.  So here's a breakfast bread pudding.  Make sure you use organic ingredients.  And yes, it is as moist & chewy & buttery & crusty as it looks.   Congratulations in advance.   

-15 slices of Food for Life's Rice Pecan bread ripped into little cubish thingy's.
-4 eggs, a splash of vanilla, lotsa cinnamon, 3 T. melted butter,  1/2 C raisins, 3 Cups of milk (we use soy or almond), beat well.
-Butter a 9x9" baking dish, add bread.  Pour over mixture & bake at 350', for 40 minutes.

For language arts this week we built a "G"rass "I"ce Cream "H"ut out of cardboard.  It has an ice cream menu, a sliding door to retrieve the treats, little paper muffin liners as cones & an extremely cute staff.  Of course this meant making real ice cream to build on the theme, & then, lemonade popsicles.  From my mom's garden...

H is also for "Harvesting."  These are from Love's wonderful birthday garden he planted in October.  He's such a green thumb.  How cute are these little guys?