I've always had a Japanese aesthetic.  Maybe 'cause I was conceived in at the Miyako.  Or since I went to Nihonmachi Little Friends preschool.  Or the Japanese elementary school.  I'm not Japanese, but obviously, it runs deep.  Like the amazing quilt my mom-in-love made.  It's actually kinda New England on an antique dresser from their family.  In my hands, however...very kawaii.

Trees at the zoo? Kawaii Nei!  It's all in the repetition, the balance of soft & bold colors, the presence of natural, earth-based order.  And, uh, I'm not a math person.  I missed one week in 3rd grade being sick at home & missed my times-tables. It's been a bit of a rough road ever since.  (It hasn't impacted my entrepreneurial savvy, mind you.  Just my ever important momentary self confidence when the group check appears.) 
And so how extremely pleased am I with Love's fractions & patterns exercise here?  He invented it himself & had me join in with gigantic, papertowel-sized chalk.  A suspicious purchase to be sure, but he promised me they'd use them.   It runs the length of this wall & contains very specific, very detailed, most importantly very cute math visuals.  Kawaii, indeed.