Craft Supplies = Happiness Frenzy


 It's here, it's here, it's here! Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh! Aye. Ya-Yaye Ohmygoodness! My very own first Gocco.   Long awaited, years really.  It's too beautiful to use.  A piece of plastic actually worth fawning over.  And Lotta's printing book for inspiration, which I scored for $6 at the Friends of the San Francisco Library at Fort Mason Center while waiting for a table at Greens (aka Favorite City Eats. Favorite.).  I'm so into her screen printing on fabric - love it, love it, love it.  But all those chemical-ly inks mixed with little boys makes for a very scary situation.  So this is so beyond exciting for me.  I mean you should see me! Obviously, I Am Ranting.  But what you can't see is my grown-up-mommy-version of the Happy Pee Pee Dansk jig.  I've got lotsa great borrowed ideas.  Like this. And thisAnd this.  I mean, I'm excited.

And as we head to Lake Winnepesaukee we'll be bringing 2 thick stacks of envelopes for 6 & 7 year-olds to print, so that Love & J (aka the Rainbow Lite-Brites Box Girl) can write eachother once they're back on different coasts again.  I mean, this thing's practical.

And at the co-op the sale bin had these 
Lotta notecards at half-off!  Crazymaking.  I'm going to make them into little blank books likeSally, Amy + Amanda. The boys already know they're for them so they've been transferring images of "boy" embroidery patterns into them & then drawing roads, tracks & stations to tie them all together.  They really seem to honor the fancy materials & put more love & care into their work.

And from Goodness & Pomadour24, a little sweetness itself.  Japanese linens & tapes for making the boys "concession-stand money aprons," "tool belts," & "work pouches."  Don't ask me, I'm just the stitcher.  I don't even do the pedal work.  I'll show you what they come up with.
It never fails to amaze me.  

Like this sweet ballerina by my girl Jelly Bean.  She comes over on Wednesdays, asks for a little bit of wool, a little bit of fabric, a glue gun here, fancy pens there.  2 months later, Ta-Dah!  Kids know what they want, they just need materials & someone to bounce their ideas off of, just like the rest of us.