7/4 Celebrating Interdependence

What does the iconic American holiday look like in our world?  Well, since Bake's terrified of fireworks, it looked like a giant bubble bath  with our Ipod & Mac Hi-Fi blaring all the good stuff: Huey Lewis, Blondie, (happy) Depeche Mode, Hall & Oats.  I'm undecided with the fireworks themselves - I always grew up celebrating the Fourth with our huge family & I'm a very American mix myself- Pilipino, Slavic, Spanish, Chinese, Basque, it goes on- with old San Francisco ex-hippies who baptised us with the dew from morning leaves.  AND... we're peace activists!  So how do I ooh & aah about a war reenactment knowing I've never myself experienced a direct attack, while I've many, many dear friends who've lost & themselves downed mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, cousins.  We have such a privilege to take these things lightly in the States.  Let me now mention that all my godchildren are Airforce brats, my beloved Lolo (grandpa) was a Silver Star & Purple Heart recipient who was recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor & I have a deep, ridiculous crush on Lera's very military, Bush-loving family of six yet somehow-still-sewing blog.  I actually think I check it twice a day for updates.  She's opened my mind, I tell ya.  Not to mention provided loads of inspiration & smiles.  I'm just saying - I'm undecided.  Adding to that, we usually celebrate in the most applepie way of all:  6 island families in their motor boats following eachother to Meredith Bay to float under the fireworks on Lake Winnipesaukee after a gorgeous dock barbeque.  

In any case I've much to rejoice about.  My gorgeous husband, very Aloha toddler, my bittiest in his blue tabou - a plaid headscarf handwoven by the indigenous Muslim tribes of Mindanao where my mom's side is from.

The beach in San Francisco is truly such a gateway.  A reminder of roots & possibilities.

Giant pelicans demonstrating the ultimate freedom.

The gift of grandparents & grandkids.  I really believe that deep roots create stable trees.  So we throw them whatever we can - family, declared family, precious memories, warmth.   Even a biting cold beach is all sweetness & warmth when that orange hits our faces.

The strongest anchors come as they cultivate their own relationships with earth, with spirit, & with eachother.

The ultimate reminder of how we're here - sun, spirit, earth.

We always felt like Love was such a buddha-baby.  I asked if I could capture that sun on his face & here's his response before running along the "river."  Imagine how grounding this sweet  boy is for us.

Being urban means coming from community & diversity.  So what better way to celebrate our independence - our freedom to choose -  than to acknowledge & act from our true state of interdependence.  Our wonderful, wonderful friend 
Ross who invented the Xtracycle pointed that out this morning.  Our holiday looked like just that...