4 Generations Later


I kinda can't believe his luck sometimes.  He's always generating crazy stuff out of nowhere, like truly lost keys & wallets, random animal sightings, spontaneous gifts from strangers.  Ever since he was in utero- really.  He even refers to himself as the kid who can manifest anything, as in, "Hey Mom, do you think we can start our own school, where kids just come & play, This Week, 'cause, like, you know how I Can Manifest Anything?"  Of course, the following Wednesday our house was loaded with kids of all ages: our 3 boys, the 2 kids I invited, plus 4 from the block.  That would be 9 kids piling every pillow in my home onto my former diningroom floor & diving for 3 hours straight.  He wasn't surprised one bit.  Just really proud & grateful they all had fun at his "school."
So of course he was born with a life-long friend, too.  How do I know?  Because his Dad & her mom sit around laughing at memories from the Eighties.  Because their grandparents can cocktail it up like nobody's business - & always do.  Their great-grandmothers have tea.  And because they both know eachother's docks like the back of their hand.
They both love catching "bass" (little black minnows.  maybe they're bass.  maybe) Tying the ropes.  Singing "Mount Washingmachine."  Making fairy houses.  Playing with Mimi.  They're both funny & strong willed & smart.  They were caught trying to untie their tube from the dock several different ways - so confident were they in their boating skills.  They saw eachother all of 24 hours this year &, "It seems kinda like we're still at last year."

It all might seem hard for Tonka, but as always he's just totally fine in the world.  Although I can't imagine it's easy being a toddler, in your life jacket, in a tube, tied to a rope & being pulled through the woods by two big kids.  But toddlerhood's joy comes from challenge & accomplishment, doesn't it?  Not to mention that he's just as lucky, since her little sister is exactly his age.Their dad said last week, "Good thing there's a cabin between us."