seeing red

We've been referencing the reticular system a lot around here.  It's that part of the brain that singles out items of interest: pregnant ladies seeing bellies, Saturn drivers seeing Saturns, finding a toy in the midst of a giant mess.  


To be honest, I don't know if it's a real thing.  Someone once told us about it & we think it's an important idea.  So when I say, "I'm all about the possibility of Ease & Grace & Organization," then I'm suddenly shown all kinds of new ideas, examples & good things to help me with my mission.

So of course, with December 5 days along, I'm seeing red.  And to me, red = love.  And I'm just crazy for how it's just so everywhere...

Lake&alexbaby friends

Kitingkiting with uncle elrik

Khirakea boy & a rake

Beachkisscold beach kiss

Mahaltrainwavetrain love

Redcara shared resource at the business

truck rendering dinner irrelevant


trailing a little behind...