earth's medicine



What ever it is, the whole town has it.  The cough, the gunk, the grump.  It goes away, then, with the next playdate it comes back.  Here's how we get it to go when it goes.     It's our old family recipe from way back when ~ I come from generations & generations of healers on both sides.  I didn't get that gene, but somehow managed to marry one.  This tea is hard core.  Spicy, super-sweet, super lemony, filled with blood cleaners, liver de-toxers, cell swishers.  Well, maybe not cell-swishers.  But we use it for everything from the shakes, strep throat to the cramps.  A couple of cousins use it for hangovers (ahem).  


Local ingredients carry all kinds of crazy earth information to battle your local germs.  Google it ~ I don't know all the details, but I did sit in front of a scientist explaining how potatoes & onions in particular can combat any local strain of cold or flu.  The honey really needs to be local because the pollen holds such a diverse mix of microscopic godness.  I mean goodness, which, is, godness, actually.  So there you go.  Godness from your neck of the woods, specially formulated to help you where you are.  A little more potent & at the same time gentler on your system  than a lab mix of synthetics based on plants formulated to help those in a rainforest thousands of miles away.


I drink it constantly for 48 hours straight.  It always works for me, I just always forget to take it until after I've been down for 48 hours.   


Medicine Tea


1 large onion
5 cloves - 1 head of sliced garlic
3" sliced ginger
1 T red chili flakes
1 T peppercorns
1 lemon in wedges
Local Honey to taste

Put aside lemons & honey.  Bring the rest to boil with 4-6 Cups of water, then simmer until the onions are translucent.  Add lemons & honey.  Keep warm.  For the kids I might add some soy milk & chai spice so the whole spicy thing isn't so crazy & it becomes a bit of a very, very spicy treat.  Mmmmmm.