lil' farmers




There's something about dirt that really brings my boys together.  


While it's true, they're pretty much always together, it sometimes works more like gravity than music.  They love eachother so darn much I often hear them screeching & squeeling, furious at another, but refusing to leave the exact same square foot for fear of losing ground.  It's a bit crazy making & a little too much evidence for the fact that I'm outnumbered.  After pretending to ignore them for a bit to work it out on their own, I invariably have to say, "Well, lovey, you probably want to take what you're doing a few feet over."  Depending on how aggressive they are being with their loved ones, "Stop!  Okay, move!" might escape from my mama brain.  They never want to.   So, we step outside.




And here, for whatever reason, everyone's on the same page.  I often wonder if they're tapping into the unseen work at play.  The Earth & all her bug~bird~gnome~furry~fairy~water~wind helpers, conspiring to make my little bit of the world green, is never really at rest.  I think the boys actually see all this, as clearly as they see anything. Just like they hush up & get to work in the presence of a plumber or a handyman, the guys get outside & whoosh!  A magical cloud of purposefulness whisks them into a calm & collaborative state of industry.