Why Parents Have No Time



I just read an interesting article answering "Why Parents Have No Time." (Thanks Dina! xoxo) It was in response to a woman wondering if kids were just an excuse to be unavailable, if parents are actually lying about their time or even competing with their friends over "who's life is harder."  She felt that she had the same list of things to do that we do & didn't understand what we might possibly be filling our days with.  Giggle.


I have many, many people I love that think I'm all over the map, hard to get a hold of, not so good at keeping in touch.  Some have children, some don't.  Many are truly, very, very busy & get a ton of things accomplished.  I am extremely fortunate to be married to a man whose soul purpose as husband is to ensure I don't make myself wrong for anything.  It's hard, but he's gotta point.  I could be there for everyone, or I can really be where I am.  And to fill them in, well, here's the blog.


Here's a very literal example of my lunch "hour."  First off, it starts at 11 when we prepare food together.  By 11:30 they have left our little job & I finish up @ 11:45.  By 12 I've cleaned up my mess.  "Lunch time!"  They are gone.




"Hmm.  Are you guys in the grass?  Are you working on the deck?  


Are you guys playing ball?




Are you golfing?




Are you in the driveway?




In the vegetable garden?




Catching bugs?




What am I doing?  I need to pull up a hammock & catch the view of the last leaves turning.  Okay, Kai, let's go change your diaper...



Are you guys trimming the plants?  Oh, someone broke the mushroom...


"Mo-om! We're starving, isn't lunch ready yet?"   

Yes.  Lunch is ready.  Yes.  It's 1pm.  Time to start our lunch hour.