now this is a room divider




Oh, how I am in love with these crazy curtains.  It took me a couple of days to love them.  They're a bit theatrical for an everyday studio experience.  And kind of "under the big top," circus-funky.  But I LOVE them. D loved them right off.  


My first thought was to put up linen curtains, but they kinda took from the warm color of the walls.  So I cut a bunch of freestyle sea motifs & appliqued them with that Heather Ross Mermaid Love.  Not enough curtain.  I recycled some persimmon shantung, & to get the length added a darker persimmon in stripes.  To tie it all together I added the trim under the hemp/linen in the same shade as my window seats.  And wallah.  This kind of drama only comes to me when it's on the machine.  I'm just not capable of making this stuff up.  

And now all my fabric, art supplies, homeschooling curricula, the boys unused toys, an art cart, 20 years of sketchbooks & seasonal ephemera are all, blessedly on the other side of this "wall." Bliss.