handmade holiday: stockings bar


D was craving some new stockings ~ something kinda rustic & super lovey.   So we invited my mom & pops to join us for a little stockings bar.  We brought down my sewing machine & a basket of goodies:

old sweater bits
fabric glue
scissors &

a stocking pattern cut out of a paper bag.

Everyone, kids included, got to just have at it.  Mom & I took turns stitching it all together.


Here's a couple of things *everyone's gonna love* going into the stockings this year for under $4 a piece that really fill those stocking out:

Favorite magazines from "friends of the library" section for .10 cents each!!  Since they aren't the current issues, I usually will collect 3 mags from a theme, like: 

Mary Jane's Farm + Organic Gardening + Herb Quarterly.  
Or Road & Track + Car + Forza.  
Or Natural Home + Dwell + Living Etc.  
Or Veg News + Fresh + Yoga Journal

Boomwhackers!  These are the colored tubes in the picture.  They come in sets of 8 for $25 (3.13 each), & each tube is actually a percussion instrument tuned to a different note.  So everyone has to play together.  At our house we are getting another set for music as they are being used as marble runs, large-scale chemistry implements, gas pumps & air traffic-control loud speakers.  The link has some educational materials + music.


Reams of paper.  Really.  I'm dividing of 2 colored reams of 100% post-consumer recycled paper between the boys & they are just gonna love it.

Sponge + brush sets from the hardware store.  They also love those foam paint rollers.  For Lake & Mekhi we just give them buckets of water & let them "paint" the deck.  

Mahal is also going to get a squeeze bottle of homemade wood polish + some pretty polishing cloths made from flannel-backed calicos.  I'll make them 6 x 6 inches.

1 Cup Mineral Oil + 1 Cup Lemon Juice + 6 drops of pine, lavender or Frankincense essential oil.  Shaken like crazy.

What are you making?