tight kid-made gifts



These really are tight, I just have to say.  Especially since they came up with them totally on their own.  The guys became enamored with a few other unschooling blogs, particularly Blue Yonder (maybe due to their identical boy/parent ratio).  They invited them to do a little craft swap & we were honored that they wanted to play...

I gave them my parameters ~ that they could use whatever they needed from our current stash of art stuff ~ & they came up with all kinds of great stuff.  I admit I had to talk them down, which is what Stefani is now doing on her end.  But what we did do, they did full out.  I played coach, getting their ideas & laying out the supplies (based on their instructions) so that the littlest guys could participate.   The baby probably spent his time eating the millet.

Let me warn you now that this is a bug post.  We're sensitive to them & so there's stories to each one.  Okay, now you know.

1. Pop Tins ~ They covered some pop tins with a layer of modpodge / white glue.  Because the tins were yellow, they picked yellow, red & orange crepe paper to cover them.  The decoupaged the layers by adding glue between & over each piece.  Finally they cut the initial of each boy's name out of a sweater & glued it on.  I love those Fall colors.


2. This sweet carpenter bee, huge, lived in a perfect tiny hole in our front gate.  Very endangered, it is.  Isn't it beautiful?  They're carpenters, truly.


3. This millipede was 4 inches long!  It showed up in our house, so we put it into a jar & observed it.  Not sure why it didn't last the night...


4. And isn't this Praying Mantis just gorgeous & magical?  They say they bring luck, & this one did.  It's friend also showed up the same day (!) & it was bigger & white (!).  For whatever reason, it didn't want the bugs we fed it, & when we put it on the table outside to go free, it just layed there, exactly as you see it.  We put them in puffed millet to protect their fragile parts.


5. Fishknitting wands.  The tight oatmeal on the wand is fingerknit with a single loop.  This could come with instructions, I suppose.


6. Fingerknitting.  The thicker bits on the end are fingerknit over 4 fingers, making something more like a net or thin scarf.


7. Extra string.  Pretty string makes it a kit.


8. Envelope Canoe Kits.  These made use of the lovely envelopes they chose, made of Pina (pineapple) & bana (banana) fibers from the Philippines.  They just traced them & cut them out, glued the sides & clipped them to dry.  Some were punched & strung.  The lacing could also be drawn or painted on.  Including the glue & clips make it a kit.


I felt the need to include directions & a pattern.  I just recycled some of their old potato prints...

What are you making for the holidays?

ps ~ This week I'll show you how to rock that free t-shirt, which is also a great gift for any little ladies you might know.