a stylists' autumn booklist



It would be virtuous to claim that I am a mother first, or wife, or activist, or whatever.  The truth is I that can never really take my stylist apron off.  I mean, I was a stylist first!  Spirit shows me all things through a graphic filter.  Our home is organized around beauty, truth & goodness, in that order.  Luckily, beauty is subjective.  


So while the house falls to delicious shambles on an hourly basis, between brunches, rehearsals for an upcoming Dan Zanes concert & 8-boy playdates, there's always a carefully curated Autumn display on my dining buffet.


Can I please share what's beautiful to me right now?




The very act of contemplating gratitude.  Thanksgiving comes & goes with the meal.  But Giving Thanks is eternal.




This old thing.  Their entire physics curriculum in one object.  Over 100 years-old, 1 family-strong from Japan.  And really all things old, practical & useful.  




This King-sized Acorn Quilt by D's mama & his 95 year-old grandma (GG).  Exquisitely made.  Somehow, by the grace of God, on my very own wall.  More love made visible.




Simply Ayurveda
Nest for Two
A Home for the Soul
Dynamic Figure Drawing
A Room of Her Own
Fields of Plenty
Dream Kitchens
Tropical Living
sustainable architecture - lowtech houses
Adirondack Home

Markets of Paris
The Nook Book
Apples for Jam
A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen
The Adirondack Cabin
Edible Schoolyard
Filipino Style
Millennium Mode
Tropical Asian Style

Making More of Small Spaces
The Tropical Spa
How to Photograph Your Baby
Crafting As a Business
Vintage Style
Fashion Design
The Thai House
Craftsman Style
Philippine Ancestral Houses
2 Fabulous FREE Magazines for those who LOVE little people & All things Lovely:
small, featuring Maya, Emily & Grosgrain
Small celebrates the handhewn.
LMNOP is not so much, but certainly inspiration for such.  It's out of Australia, so that's a kick, too.
Just click on them.  They are too much.
I went ahead & downloaded all their past issues, too.
What do you love to look at?