vulcan top


"d's sweater"

I grew up on fantasy in a very intense kinda way: my mom was a Science Fantasy Illustrator, my dad a steward to comic book artists from Asia en route to Marvel & DC comics.  We attended numerous conventions that involved real-life Manga characters, complete with silver outfits, orange hair & bulging boobs eating their chicken nuggets in the booth next to us.  I've been to more than my share of Star Trek & Star Wars Costume Contests.  Oh, Yes.

I admit there was a full decade that I Knew I was really Mai the Psychic Girl & sometimes, Alita Battle Angel.


thin-to-thick binding under arm / double pleat

So here's my ode, the Vulcan Top.  I shrunk an old cashmere sweater of D's this week - not on purpose, I swear, although I should know about these things.  In any case, it's been "saved."


thicker binding on right arm hole


hem + side seam




inside out

What was Once, but NOW Is ______?