waldorf-style dragon pattern


At our house his name is Puff.  He's our resident pretty ornament, who lives here all year long, but would probably like to land at your house for the holidays.  He does like string, sealing wax, & other fancy stuff, so please be prepared to give him what he needs.



When Mahal was 3 1/2 we were in New Hampshire & I had to fly back to California for a Jam at IONS.  I was distraught because we had never been apart for more than 2 days, & only once.  This trip was going to be a full 9 days.  On the day I left I was a wearing a top I had made out of green stretch wool.  Hanging in the woods was Puff, in the very same material.  It did just the trick.



Please know that this is easier than it looks!  In the Waldorf style, you want to make sure you use a natural fiber - otherwise he won't be real!  You can easily use a t-shirt or even a nice woven material, which would be even easier to sew.  I'm sure I'll be seeing some coffee sack dragons...




Here's the pattern & instructions, the PDF is below.







What's magical in your neck of the woods?