For this new morning, with it's light

For rest & shelter through the night

For food & health

For love & friends

For everything thy goodness sends

We thank thee.




The nature of Spirit is one of abundance...When in balance, a tree has more apples than one could ever eat, more seeds than will ever turn into trees, more pollen than will ever be used.  Earth has more people than we could ever meet, more sheep than could ever be counted, more secrets than could ever be revealed.  There are more mysteries yet to uncover...




As we seemingly fall into a barren Winter, let's remember our own true natures as spirits having a human experience.  Let's heal during this time as the Earth heals herself - while playing dormant, we're conserving our energies, grounding our roots & cultivating what's truly important & life-giving.  At our house, that means turning towards only what's right in front of us ~ the ringing phone, the simmering pot, the nearest dish.  The dishtowels waiting to be folded, the cold hands in need of a fire, the friend at the door.  It means our entertainment, our gifting, our wishes this year are live, real, & tangible.  


May your holiday making be handmade, soulful & inspiring.  


What's growing in your neighborhood?