Autumn Jungle Curry

I'm sorry to disappear so completely - we had a house full of very, very healthy immune systems for a few weeks there.  Which means we were sick, actually.  It takes so much for a body to let itself get sick, to build up the tremendous amount of energy it takes to clear out completely. At our house we don't try to eliminate the symptoms, we try to help them along, to somehow speed up the clearing process while making ourselves as comfortable as possible.


So we've had lots of fires, lots of soup, lots of family time.  We've had lots of coughing, lots of tissue, lots of restless nights.  And no blogging, not much crafting, very little outside time.  It's been all about warmth, warmth, water & vitamin c...


So please forgive me. 


Maybe I can offer you a soothing stew, as well?




This comes together very quickly & works great with frozen spinach, peas & baby asparagus.  Many people are surprised to know that "real" Asian food includes store-bought paste, condiments & what-not.  It does, though it takes some experimenting to find what you'll like.  Cooking from the garden, the pantry & the freezer lets us pack in the vitamins on a lovey evening with a bit of ease.  We use a rice maker to keep hot Lundberg Organic Sushi Rice on hand all day long.


2 T Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste
4 Stalks Celery - chopped thick
1 Onion - chopped small
1 Daikon Radish (looks like large white carrots...this is slightly bitter, but will take on the flavor of the dish beautifully & becomes positively melty) - quarter lengthwise, slice thick
2 Potatoes - cubed small
1 Can Organic Coconut Milk
2 Cups Spinach - chopped 
1 Handful Frozen Peas
3 Cubes of Organic Vegetable Boullion with Sea Salt (We use Rapunzel)
1 Can Low-Mercury, Line-Caught Tuna (optional) 


Saute the celery, onion & curry paste with a bit of olive oil.  When the onions are translucent, add the potatoes, daikon, 2 Cups of water & the boullion cubes.  Bring to a rapid simmer for 10 minutes.  Add rest of ingredients, cover & simmer for 10 minutes.  


Oh yes - thank you for sharing what inspires you.  Me, too, for all of it.  The boys voted for you, Amanda, because they thought you were voting for them!  


What's bringing warmth to your house right now?