miss mary mac sweater




How about a swingy a-line cashmere sumthin' with sweet buttons up the back?  Yes, of COURSE it's nursing-friendly & softer than your old pajamas.  Take one thrifted cashmere crewneck & make yourself one top richer.  A little more love for those of us advocating basic-needs-generation.  This is goooood.  


A little secret: Turning those sweater sleeves upside down as side-plackets makes a natural armhole! Isn't that so clever? 


Another secret: Using those front-buttons on the back makes for very little sewing.


Okay, since you're so into it: Stitch those little moth-holes closed, cut out a couple of scraps from left over seams, & tie them into a couple of knots.  Attach onto the "repaired" holes to hide them.  Whallah! Very Anthropologie-like bows.  


You look hot, you used no resources, it cost $4 & you're comfy as can be.  I know I want to be your friend...