paper crafts + school desk


I love this little fleet that showed up on our trip last week.  My mom had a stash of vellum left over from my wedding invitations, which were made of several layers of this yummy, matte, semi-translucent stuff.  Doesn't it seem like some of the best stuff comes when we have to make do with what's around?  Ditto for the blue painter's tape, which my Pops uses for his electrical business.  The insides are stuffed with scraps left over from Mahal & Lola's "fortune Cookie Factory."  Oh, yes, we have a year's supply of colored fortune cookies with messages like, "Help, I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory!" & "Life's not a struggle, it's a wiggle."



Because I am blessed to be the only lady in house full of males, I am especially delighted at the high level of pink puffiness here.  The kids were delighted to be able to draw something, then copy it directly on another piece of paper since it's see-through.  They also like that they stand up on their own.  We put a thin width of vellum on the bottom before taping so they would do that.  They loved taping them, ripping tape, selling eachother bits of tape, taping my legs together... 


And then Aunty Luna came over with this desk.  Oh, I just love this desk!  I have a collection of books on the "one- room schoolhouse," & this is just my kind of thing.  It's so spare & simple & functional, with it's pony-shape & large drawer.  




And this chalkboard top.  I think it's genius.  She said it was my cousin Nikki's, but I don't remember it at all.  It seems much older to me.  But since it's newish (she's 28), maybe there's more out there.  What are you loving today?