a map & a vote

Good Morning!  

I'm just getting so darn excited about the way things are going right now.  People's "angel lights" are on, I tell the boys.  Never in the history of the world has there been so many people aware of so many things, able to make so many examined choices.  Whichever way things go, people are lit up, activated, & doing things. 


I just love it.


To bring home the voting process, we took a little trip to the co-op with my mom.  Picked up some Giant Sequoias, Rocky Mountains, Alligators, Sand Dunes, Stars & the Mississippi.  And then we had...pizza.


Pizza pattern


First we sat down with some paper, pens & a real US Map.  After discussing all the areas we already knew & knew of, we pointed out the terrain across the country.  We highlighted rivers, lakes, mountain ranges & deserts.  Then we sat down with our very excellent Young People's Atlas of the Untied States & distinguished some of the important characteristics of each region.  While we discussed a little bit of history as it came up, we mostly kept this map to the natural features of the US.


In hindsight, I love that we focused on real Earth, starting their relationship to the United States with what came first.  A foundation based on the foundation.  We can do another map based on human dynamics, industry & what-not later.


We made a pink template & taped it to the wall where they'd be building up their map/lunch.


Pizza on counter


All the ingredients were neatly placed around the crust.  We used the gluten-free pizza dough mix by Chebe.  (I'm a "real" pizza dough lover who doesn't need to eat gf, & I have to say this was excellent! Fast, easy, chewy, sweet & crispy.  I'd use it again.  I just wish it were organic!)


Let's see, we used rosemary for pines, pepitas for cactus, spinach for alligators, bell peppers for stars, blue chips for water, veggie sausage for mountains, pesto for sand, brocolli for trees...


You could go very far with this, yes?  The thing about kids, though, is that they are hungry.  The other thing about them, is that they are not me.  They have their own ideas.  And sometimes they really prefer their Lola.  So I'm not quite sure what the raisins, mushroom & white asparagus were.  I just know that ate it (!).  






Cooked pizza


It was really as good as it looks.  The best part was hearing the kids choose their pieces, "I'll have Texas!"  "I'll have Lake Winnipesaukee!"  So different from, "I just want cheese & sauce, but is there onions in the sauce?"  


A very successful lesson, I do have to say.  We got the idea from Home Education Magazine, who did a US Cookie Map.  Yeah.  Imagine the topping possibilities.  We'll do that later, too. 


We also found a great idea in Family Fun Magazine that has kids nominate, campaign & vote for their Election Night Dinners!   Tonight we'll sit down & everyone will get to nominate items in the following categories: (And these are my nominees)


Drink "Ocean Tea"     E3Live Algae + Iced Lemonade + Pellegrino 

Veggie Brussels Sprouts w/ Dijon & Honey

Protein Mushroom-Cheddar Walnut Loaf & Gravy

Side Corn

Grain White Rice

Desert Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


We'll make a little display of all the nominees & the kids will get to campaign for their choices all week.  On voting day we'll vote for our food in the morning, take a walk to the booths to vote in our president & then head to the co-op for ingredients.  I'll "unveil" our dinner that night.  Isn't this a glorious idea?


Soundtrack: The Children of Selma , Who Will Speak for the Children 

(Link to Free Downloads + Lyrics) 


Theme Song: Vote For Me Until I Can 


"I'm just a little child, you say.

Don't know what's going on in the world today.

Every time I see the children cry, I have to ask the reason why.

I'd like to bring about a change.

But I'm to young to play the voting game.

Mother, Father, Take a Stand.  Vote for me until I can.

Sister, Brother take my hand.  Vote for me until I can.

Preacher, teacher, man.  Vote for me until I can.

It's not just a right you see.  It's your responsibility."


This is the absolute BEST, most EMPOWERING, beautiful music for children on the subject of voting.  It should be, this entire community treasures each birthday as bringing the child one year closer to the polls.   Our kids love the funky Southern-Gospel pace & it's a treat to here them reproduce some of those Selma vocal acrobatics.  A gift from my girl Malika Asha Sanders, put out by her organization, 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement.