My Book



3 Things a day is Plenty

I am a compulsive book changer.  

IMG_53652 blank moleskines in kraft paper

Do you keep a book?  You know, your calendar, wallet, receipt/bill-stasher, note-sketch-invitation, unopened mail, pen & post-it holder?  No? Yes? No?


4 file pockets for all of it - 2 in front, 2 in back

I swear I think these things keep me organized.  


sometimes i just think i want to map out something - so i pretend

Maybe if I spent more time looking at the things I wrote in the calendar & less time drawing in the sketch book, coloring in my calendar-entry letters or, well, making new-improved books. 


eternal acorns jar + epiphany! i am a gatherer. a feminine being built to seek & tuck away all things useful, beautiful & nourishing.

Oh, that's right.  It's really not about being organized.  It's about being inspired.  And I am that.


homeschool subjects: concept + theme + materials

How do you stay organized?  I mean ~ Inspired?  I mean ~ 

all packed up & ready to go