Things He Made :: Deck Hands



So much is at stake right now in this world we live in.  It seems to me that every single thing we take part in has the power to move unknown movements across the globe.  Everything is moving so fast, & sometimes it's truly exhilarating to see the impacts of the thoughts we have & the conversations we carry.  It can be overwhelming, too.  

There's real possibilities for a thriving world on the table right now, & there's a bombardment of images telling us what that might mean.  All this information is an invitation to reground, I think.

When we moved to our home I made a promise to my little piece of Earth.  I made a promise to her unseen caretakers & to those that were here before me.  I would care for it, honor it & show it love as best as I could.


We've been extremely blessed in our little family.  So many of the privileges we've known have been beyond those of finances; they've included extraordinary community, loving families & exposure to many models of transformation.

All of that goodness has led us to be able to really choose simplicity now, not because we have no choice, but because we know what's available. We know we can sell our time & energy to make money & buy things.  We don't want that. 


For so long I just wanted to travel, to see the world, to stay a dancer, to run creative businesses that would make me a gajillionaire so I could give it all away.  I wanted to own land that was vast & sprawling & wild, & build exactly what I wanted.  I don't want that, either. 


I want to be a we with those I love.  We want to be where we are, now.  To appreciate our time together, on this planet, as ourselves, with our current names & bodies & smiles & underwear.  To just love our home, our children, our kitchen, our neighbors.   


There's a lot of work to do in the world right now, & each of us has a precious expression to be made.  Today my work includes letting myself let down & be present to the work I've already done.







Like I said, it's a good life.  And I'm grateful.

(Deck collaborated by D, John Rensing & Sean Hathorn)