Happy Birthday Kita

Everything about you is new! What can I say?  There's so much to love...

It's hard for your mama not to go backward & tell stories about the past & everything I've always thought was so amazing about you.  But you're not really interested in that, are you?

No, today you're interested in your new IPod Boombox.  But see, I can't really say that without first explaining that you've been begging to play the souzaphone since you were four, that you've memorized no less than 70 marching band songs & that you've played the drumset while you're "waiting."  That every year we're advised to wait, so you don't get frustrated since the souzaphone is kinda for really big kids.  You've been so patient, waiting for your first "instrument."  And I just love, love, LOVE how you use that boombox to lead your music class, playing it for a song while you lead the movements, then turning it off to do it all a capella, then doing the movements silently so we "hear" it in our heads, then leading us all in a round.  You are such a study in moderation.  Your musicality blows my mind, it's so your own thing.  



I love your taste in music, that you always go for the worldmusic, the upbeat dance tumes, the real stuff played by real musicians.  It's a joy to be around your wall of sound.

Today you're interested in the dirt.  The compost.  The rocks, the bushes, the mud.  The pruning shears, the mortar, the wheelbarrow handles.  On branches, on firewood, on tool handles.  You are a true small-town farmer.  You make the plants I kill come back to life.  I love you & the plants love you.  'Cause they know you love them.

I love where you put your hands.  It says so much about how you connect to the world around you, where your consciousness lies & how much respect you have.  Your work is creative, surprising & meticulous.

And Today, you are interested in play.  Sushi play, bento-box making, smoothie-selling, crepe-filling, menu-spouting, general restaurant-running goodness.  I love that your restaurants are always organic & vegetarian, that you food is often free, that you accept phone orders as long as we come to pick it up.  You make me laugh when you play.  And you play like you cook: seriously.  Seriously, with your eye on a finished product that looks good, with lots of color & texture.  You are true gourmet in the kitchen, in the living room & in the yard.


I love a million things about you, but Today, I love that what's important to you is what's important.  I can't imagine anything more worth celebrating.  I am so grateful you're here, Kita.  That you chose us, that you chose to stay, that you Are.  I love you.  Happy Birthday.