3 made: fairie ladders, photo collage, checkbook covers


Bake felt that the fairies in our garden might like some ladders to perch on, just as much as he might like some.  This came after asking him not to stand quite so close to the edge of the stool while adding (throwing) cranberries to our muffin batter.  "But I like to be on the edge.  I like hanging over.  I like it to be dangerous."  "Hmm."

We wandered around the yard, doing our very favorite thing, gathering samples.  No two days are the same, so we really can't ever seem to get enough of this.  You know those wooden trays that come with toys sometimes, the ones that are divided into odd-sized boxes?  Those are great for this.  The kids love to find things to fit the long boxes & the tiny boxes.  It's an instant scavenger hunt.  

He gathered 2 long sticks & several shorter ones, plus some acorn caps, a scrubjay feather, some pretty stones & a wool "turtle." (Oh.)  We sat down with a glue gun & he told me where everything should go.  I used to hate glue guns, because they aren't natural.  I don't feel that way anymore.  As long as the plastic glue isn't in sight, the kids really appreciate knowing they can whip up nearly anything with those sticks & stones...



For D's birthday we made him a collage of pictures he hasn't seen from the last few months. The boys helped me pick out 90 photos per boy, which we printed on t-shirt transfer paper with an inkjet.  Each picture is 2 x3, so there were 9 per page.  


We then cut each picture out & placed it upside down on a $2.50 yard of muslin.  We ironed on batches of 15 at a time, holding the iron over them for about 15 seconds.  The guys loved peeling off the backs to reveal the images stuck to the fabric.  Besides being "super-cool," what a feeling of accomplishment!  That's a lot of pictures!




I was going to pin it to the middle of a queen-sized quilt in our living room that has lots of our family colors ~ reds, greens & blues.  But he said he has his own ideas for it.


He loves it.


I like the stuff I use most to be pretty.  Even if that means my checkbooks match my sweater.  I just used tacky glue to cover those generic plastic cases that come from the bank.  Then I pressed them against my felt scraps, & weighted them down with a couple of heavy cookbooks.  The next morning I trimmed the edges.  Nearly instant gratification.




What are you crafting to make your own day?