The Hoes Down Inspirations :: 1


I remember my first harvest festival like it was yesterday.  I was about 5 years old, it was in San Francisco, & there was a band playing Earth Wind & Fire.  My Dad, brothers & I danced & danced amongst hay bales, wheat stalks, pumpkins & corn ~ all of which had been imported to the Civic Center!  Truly an urban farm experience.  And I think that's when I first became a farmgirl at heart.  

I can't imagine a more important tradition for our family than our annual trek to the Hoes Down Harvest Festival.  All of our favorite organic farmers bring their family, friends, staff, customers & their family & friends together for one giant 2-day hootenany of games, music, storytelling, crafts, dancing, food, workshops, rivertubing, & harvesting.  It's where we always are, without fail, the first weekend of October.  

The Hoes Down spirit is truly a magical blend of goodness, community, rural beauty & play, that works it's charm into every aspect of our lives throughout the year.  Some moments that are finding their way into our home: 

1. It's time to make some new dolls.  There's new babies in our lives, & the Waldorf Doll-making process is always a great check-in for me.  As I work I hear the woman who taught me whispering, "every stitch reflects your consciousness."




2. A zip line.  While it's certainly not needed, anytime our boys want to do something courageous & thrilling that's relatively safe, I'm all for it.  They love it & I love they way they love it.




3. Paper-mache balloons.  We missed our lantern walk this year, so we'll be covering just the bottoms to make bowls, adding string handles & filling the bowls with a bit of sand.  We'll then insert safety candles & hang our lanterns from sticks & hike around the arboreteum looking for night animals.




4. Chickens.  Oh, goodness.  I can hardly wait. 




5.  Knitting.  I mean, it's time I took my need a little more seriously.  The baby's old enough, it's part of the Waldorf 1st-grade curriculum, I own way too many knitting books for a not-really-knitter, & I've already invited all the local homeschoolers to a weekly knitting group.  Kinda like throwing my hat over the wall.  Now I must host them & must make things.  Twist my arm a little, why don't I?


What's inspiring you today?