Thai Food :: 3 Flavor Fish Stew

Sometimes it's nice to whip up a big stew & leave it on the burner all day long.  Mornings here are surprisingly icy, while most afternoons bring sprinkler weather.  With the layers coming on & off with the breeze & the sun, we love throwing on our sweats & eating hot food barefoot in the yard for lunch.




Wheelbarrows make a perfect picnik setting, & teacups make it all feel so special.  But they make for small servings, & it's impossible to get seconds & still have dibs on the sweet spot.  Which apparently makes one's food up for grabs, too.




And it's fun to lick the cup clean.




Mmmmm...All gone.




3-Flavor Snapper with Mushrooms & Bell Peppers


This dish has the best balance of texture - chewy, crisp & soupy, with the yummiest combo of sweet, salty & spicy.  The kids love getting the large portions of fish & eating it over organic white jasmine rice.  (We use Lundberg Farms).  We like to eat our Asian food like this: 1/3 strong-flavoured dish + 2/3 white rice.  We then sit with our feet on our chairs, elbows high in the air & scoop up portions with our bare hands: a bit of food, a lot of rice.  A bit of food, a lot of rice.  Sometimes it's nice to have wet wash clothes on hand to clean up.




1/4 C vegetable oil
1 each yellow & red bell peppers, halved from top to bottom.  Sliced in 3" lengths 
1 1/2 C sliced mushrooms
2 snapper filets or other sustainably-caught white fish
S & P - we use Redmond's Real Salt w. 70+ trace minerals, so the flavor is unique & tasty.
1/2 C flour, rice or wheat


Season fish & dredge in flour.  Heat oil to shimmering & fry fish on both sides until golden & crispy.  Put aside fish & add vegetables.  Saute until soft.




1 C (eheh) 3 T sugar - we use organic evaporated cane sugar
1/2 C white vinegar
1/2 C water
2 T coarsely chopped garlic
1 t salt
1 T minced fresh chili pepper or 2 t dried red chili paste
3 T fresh cilantro + 1 for garnish


Mash garlic, salt & chilies together with a fork.  In a small sauce pan, add all ingredients & bring to a low boil.  Simmer 8 minutes & stir well to dissolve sugar.  Add fish, vegetables & cilantro garnish.


What are you eating this fall?