corsage corset

Real Corsets: bad.  Stretchy, soft, giving & generous felted vintage sweater corsets: Good, excellent for our physical, spiritual, & emotional health.  Nursing friendly!  Expanding belly friendly!  Here is a sweater to support you in your very important role as activist-mama-caregiver-for -the-future-of-humanity.  (This is a way for minimalists to wear flowers, too, without becoming girly-girly-girl) 


Unfortunately I'm having issues figuring out the pdf thing, not to mention I'm using my husband's camera right now, so I'm still getting to know it.  So if you have trouble & would like me to email you the instruction illustrations, just drop me a note.  It looks like this:





Thank you for all your wonderful comments, by the way ~ it so makes my day to know who you are & to see all the things you're making & noticing & up to...