No New Stuff 'till April!!

To honor my vision for the world ~ one that's healthy, thriving, & in balance, I've taken an oath to buy nothing from new materials for myself until April of 2009.  This includes clothing, books, & kitchen gadgets, amongst other things.  It doesn't include things needed for work, actual food or homelearning curricula, but I'm working on that.  Just things for myself, And, that's a lot!


I'm very proud.  Last night I was sure I needed to buy Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner, HomeSewing from French General, Knitalong, Craft, Inc., Little Bear's Visit, & Jaimie at Home.  I even went back to the bookstore three times & carried these things around.  And each time I put them back.  Oh, it feels good to do what we say, doesn't it?


I'm going to actually take the time, which I never do, to write out the ISBN numbers & use the interlibrary loan system.  It's a new practice in delayed gratification.  Something I hope the boys pick up from me as I share my new game with them.


So, to celebrate, I'm going to start a little tutorial series here for you: sexy sweaters from thrifted finds. A perfect treat for Fall.  I'm reminded of Michelle Kelley (Pfeifer) telling me how she had gotten a cashmere blanket for her father during his last days.  That it was such a source of comfort to her, to know he had something soft & warm close to his skin, that she could make a difference for him in this simple way.  This is exactly right.  In these heady times, let's be simple, sensual & wear our comfort.


There's just no reason to buy right now, & every reason to save those resources for Mother Earth.  Coming soon... (A little delayed gratification for you, too.)