fall :: a handmade evening

Did I mention this is my favorite season?


Everyday is a celebration of life.  These stars remind us of our three angels who chose to be human, after leaving their very important jobs as cloud-fluffer / sky-sweeper, star-shiner & gate-keeper.  Looking at those sparkly stars, they "remember" so many things about the world before this one.  Who's to say which are real memories & which are inspired visions?


An early fire for a bright evening with an icy draft.  I love everything about this picture, it's so very "us."  Mahal is working on something while Lake's giving his Daddy a spontaneous hug.  And the look on Mekhi & David's faces...I've seen this play out a million times, this falling in love between dad & boy, right in this very spot.  Do you remember those times when you felt warm as a child?  Can there be anything more important than to feel warm & loved?


And what about memories of something sweet in the oven?  A little bit of cinnamon makes our baklava swirl around the candle flames & turns our cheeks pink.


A stash of fallish stuff from around the house + eager helping hands turns into a family craft.


And the ultimate prize from a perfect evening is a bit of finished finery to brighten our October wall.


I'm especially crazy for the pumpkin vines & leaves...


Sometimes it seems like all our love just shows up in front of me, right there in whatever we're doing, like a bit of magic.  Do you ever notice that?  When you're making something & suddenly you feel like, "Wow.  We're really happy.  We're just so very very very."  Not very anything in particular.  Just very like the fall.  Magical & warm & sweet & soft & very, very, very.