The birth of a new soul brings many blessings, along with some challenges. Post Partum not only affects mama, but the entire family. I know for me, there was a deep and profound affect on my husband. He wanted to be my hero, and take care of me during my babymoon period. My midwives made it very clear that I was to rest for a minimum of two weeks, so that I could bond with baby and take care of my body during the healing process. This meant he was to take care of the older two kids, the house, the chores, all while carrying out his work day. All went fine for about a week, then he hit the wall….he became tired, agitated and depressed. Thank goodness we have a very strong and loving community, which provided assistance and meals (sometimes it really is just a matter of asking for help). By taking meal prep off of his list of “to dos”, he was able to relax more and focus on the kids and other chores. All too often mom gets the attention, while dad is left on the back burner,leaving them to fend for themselves. Did you experience this with your partner/spouse? What did it look like? How was it resolved? What tools did you come away with, if any?