Rest :: Just get into it.

We only get 365 days with this baby. And then baby is a new big baby, never to be seen the same way again. The new baby will have opinions and preferences and be awake and walk off and pull things off shelves and empty garbages. And we will maybe still be exhausted and still be baby’s favorite place to settle. But it will look different. Only right now does baby not need constant entertaining, or toys, or cooked food. And when that happens, it’s a whole new set of worthwhile moments. So we just get into it, and it’s sometimes ridiculous. If we stopped to worry about it, we’d be screwed. Laughing and crashing when wiped and plodding along has worked for a millennium. Getting pictures of these moments is even better. Looking back at this, 6 years ago, makes today’s missed lunch date seem like no big deal, ‘cause this boy and his brother would much rather me be here, and really, so would I. I’ll catch up with life soon enough. -Maya