I’ve had D-MER with all four of my babies. I had just chalked it up to some kind of postpartum depression. I cherish the breastfeeding experience and bonding, but experienced moments of emotional numbness, anxiety, and sadness during our nursing sessions. I’d wondered, so shamefully, if I subconsciously resented breastfeeding. Then I did some research after my second baby and found that I fit the bill for D-MER. Knowing my experience had a “name” gave me great comfort and I’ve now developed ways to navigate D-MER naturally. Here are a few tips:
1. For me, the symptoms of D-MER do subside after about three months. Keeping this awareness helps me immensely.
2. Having someone around to converse with during the first few minutes of breastfeeding helps calm my anxiety and take my mind off of the sadness. Generally, this is my wonderful husband. This seemingly small tip brings great comfort. If my husband or a friend isn’t around, I sometimes engage in a text message conversation. 
3. I keep a flower essence, or herbal tea, on hand for when I start a nursing session. 
4. Alternate nostril breathing (a favorite of mine) helps to center my heart + mind.
5. Nursing outdoors - with the fresh air and Vitamin D - seems to ease the symptoms and allows my mind to wander and wonder. 
6. Keeping up on my supplements is key to my overall postpartum wellness.
7. Let the feelings, fears, and tears flow freely if they come. Know that you are allowing your body + heart to create space.