>>> MOONRISE | 13 <<<

password for all :: risingtides


welcome + first questions

rising with the current {a dizzy happy hi + first practices video}

so. the offering...your 100-year vision

tokens - white cloud poppy

so. the offering...lotus cycles

tokens - desert mountain mahogany

so. the offering....it's rockstar. it's sexy. {reticular function + oracles}

so. the offering...rightlivelihood {scatter small projects. food + oils. gather provisions}

tokens - your edge. our edge. dragonfly {map: 3 rings}

new moon temple. {planner videos}

so. the offering...the dance {building resilience}

tokens - the path. the womb of one-point perspective

so. the offering...ease. magnification. life blood.

new moon temple. {planner videos}

so. the offering...sacred service. clear clients. constituents.

tokens - kestrel

so. the offering...time & story {working with your 3 consituents}

full moon check-in

tokens. gestures. movement-building. aspen.

so. the offering. importance. priorities. choice.

so. the offering. impact. purity. ease.

creating a foundation of balance.

so. the offering...forget your perfect offering. {profit planner}

tokens - being resource*full. mushrooms. wellsprings.

full moon tides in taurus :: check-in

so. the offering...wild rose elixir

tokens. cycles. fierce joy. praying mantis.

tokens - endurance. boundaries. redwood.

full moon. communication. mexican chocolate cookies.

so...the offering: you, in full power

solstice: choice blessings. making home.

tokens - river otter. fierce play.

so...the offering: i cherish mercury retrogrades. {capacity expansion}

so...the offering: melting into what's important

regarding "conversations" & "movements"

full moon in leo. crazy bright badassery. oh yeah, & stuff.

so...the offering: a ritual for forgiveness

so...the offering: freeing up space

tokens: sacred law. creativity. crow.

so...the offering: profit planner (map)

so..the offering: reception

tokens: balance. charisma. octopus.

so...the offering: money. attention & relationship. 

tokens: life cycles. design. magnolia

so...the offering: presence as monetization

archetypes q&a video

so...the offering: follow the joy

tokens...tenacity. scaling. transforming genealogies. succulents (child archetype video)

video: the child + victim archetypes 

so...the offering: prayer bowls

archetypes: the prostitute

tokens: peony. a guide to the season

earth day. the fullness. shedding with scorpio.

so...the offering: strategy + foot scrubs 

video: the saboteur archetype

tokens: dazzle. unify. deep dive. cormorant. 

so...the offering: you. business. different. 

tokens: mystery. alchemy. magic. kombucha. (SiOP video)  

tokens: preparation. direction. wild prickly pear. 

so...the offering: your magic power number

tokens: automation. wild prickly pear.

so...the offering: the map is the plan

so...the offering: drop the cargo. zoom past it

so...the offering: your big talk

tokens: effortless grace. miracles. white-tailed kite.

so...the offering: hike your talk

tokens. trust. molt. retreat. luna moth.

full moon feast.

tokens. truth keeping. stability. stone.

mouse wins. surprise.

so. the offering...oils to soothe the nerves

so. the offering...automate

tokens. consistent. shine. mink.

so. the offering...incite >< insight

closing tokens I. sugar maple | kito

cultivating community & collaboration

closing tokens II. red winged blackbird

digital downloads for on path