So...the Offering: Oils to Soothe the Nerves. & Hang On! {video}

 solidarity? karmic entwinement? tree of life? I don't know but I love it by  @_lauraberger_

solidarity? karmic entwinement? tree of life? I don't know but I love it by @_lauraberger_

My Loves.  

The largest organ of our bodies, the skin, is made of countless nerves, & every last one is agitated from the 85,000 man-made chemicals in our environment, with over 3,000 in the lotions, sprays, & cosmetics we put directly onto our bodies. At CI, we've found that most of us are deathly allergic to the everyday chemicals we put on our skin. And when I say deathly, I do mean that. They manifest in obvious illness, "random" illness, & also an overall sense of stress that we can't put our fingers on (because we are completely numbed out & desensitized by modern clothing, media, sound polution, & the overwhelming needs of making a living/sustaining life). We are killing each other slowly & quickly.

We must believe it's all happening. We don't need to choose between living as activists or abandoning our fellow humans. We just need to follow our brightest impulse to create & have faith in each Other, while society would have us develop a faith in tragedy-as-inevitable. We are here to evolve.  


It must start with me. It  must start with you.

Let's together take on a practice in soothing the nerves. Literally. Keeping our skin well-oiled removes the frizzed-out, wired sense of panic, anxiety, & general adrenal fatigue that comes from being in fight-or-flight. It protects us from chemicals, soothes itchiness, dryness, scales. It let's us relax at the cell level. We'll do this as a symbolic offering to the world, & to develop our own peace as we offer ourselves to the world in ways that feel healthy to us individually.

You' ll mix a magic jar, of herbs + vodka + carrier oil, which takes a full lunar cycle to create. While it cures, use your extra carrier oil to moisturize your skin each day. This is a prayer. As we soothe our nerves, as Earth's daughters, & mothers, we soothe the nerves of our brothers & sisters. We make ourselves more ready, more steady, & we gain levity in our business & movement.

But first watch this.  We have our astral momentum back. Hang on!!


~Waxing Moon Oil ~

A Brightening Prayer for the Collective

Waxing Moon displays the growing, brightening energy, & we are growing our ability to use our voice, to claim our leadership roles in the feminine, Aquarian era. We are learning to say the brightest thing.  While the oil cures, we must shake it a bit, every single day. Let us also shake ourselves up, learning more, accepting more, & challenging more, so that we can learn to listen for the brightest commitments of those before us. So we can look for the brightest possibilities in these times. So we can provide the brightest spaces of compassion & empathy for those who need to be in pain, in rage & in revolution.  So we can be the brightest force of change in our own lives & communities.  We practice so that the rest of the world might practice.


Fresh herbs
Organic almond, olive, grapeseed, or coconut oil
(My grandmother used calming, sweet almond on us a kids, so it's a powerful anchor for me. Something to consider if using with kids)

100 proof vodka
Large Bowl
Two sterilized pint glass jars with lids
Cotton muslin   


Begin humming your prayer & intention with a joyful sound that feels light. Start with a fresh jar. Very finely chop enough fresh comfrey, lavender or calendula (or a mix!) to fill 3/4 of the jar. Add 1 T of vodka per quart of oil, to prevent mold from the water in the fresh plants. Pour your oil over the top, & over the herbs by at least 2 inches. If the herbs float to the top, don't worry, you'll shake things up a little every day. Close the jar tightly, & draw the Waxing Moon on the lid. Store it in a cool place out of the sun or heat.

Each day, make an effort to try on a new perspective. I will be joining you. You will be able to hold it; you are using the leftover carrier oil to moisturize & soothe your nerves. 

Shake your jar, to distribute the herbs, infuse the oil & remove bubbles of air. Shake your jar, as we shake our society awake, & watch the beauty as the ingredients are upset, & as they settle. We will keep shaking, a little every day.

Every few days open the jar to breathe in the calm. While you're there, make sure the herbs are all under the oil & if there's a bit of mold, just use clean tweezers to remove it (If it's pea sized, you must start over).

When Waxing Moon returns, you are ready to strain your oil for keeps! Take out your second jar, & place your funnel into it. Cut a fairly large square of muslin, at least three inches bigger than the funnel opening. Carefully pour your oil thru the muslin, making sure not to let any plants into your batch. Don't squeeze or press your herbs, or you'll extract the water. Toss the muslin into the compost. 

Use your oil everyday, in the bath, on your skin, in your hair. Don't place hands in it directly, just pour small amounts into your palm. Make sure to rub it in & wait a bit before dressing! 

I hope this soothes you deeply. What seems only surface is always deeply penetrating. And as within, so without. 

xx, Maya